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Ancient villages of the Riviera





The Albisole comprise of the municipalities of Albisola Marina and Albisola Superiore. Still nowadays Albisola Marina is famous for the "Artists' Promenade", an open sky mosaic, 800 meters long, made of 20 panels and of blue and white stripes made by 20 artist who frequented the town. The artist Lucio Fontana had his atelier in the small square Piazza Garitta in the 1950's and '60s. In Albisola by night boys and girls enjoy the music in the local discotheques.



A small jewel overlooking the sea, enclosed in a harmonious creek, looks picturesque and spellbinding. People are fascinated by the charm of its still almost intact medieval hamlet. Once upon a time the coastline was occupied by huts and warehouses for boats and fishing gear, the so called "cellae" which gave the name to this pretty town.
The main road runs through two rows of closed together terraced houses, with vaulted passages towards the sea.




In medieval times it was known as Varagine ( a place where ships were launched) and it prides itself with a longstanding shipbuilding tradition. The sea promenade Europa, shaded by palms, counts 40 bathing establishments, among these are the historical Kursaal Margherita, dedicated to Queen Margherita in 1887. Nightlife in Varazze offers plenty of discotheques and live music all along the historic centre and in Varazze's Marina, the new tourist harbour, with its many nightspots.




It is a popular beach resort overlooking the small island of the same name, once site of a monastery of the fourth century and nowadays uninhabited. In 1985 the Regional Natural Reserve of Bergeggi was established and in May 2007 also the Marine Protected Area, in order to protect the wild environment of limestone cliffs that alternate with small coves, interrupted by tiny caves. Divers will love its fantastic depths, while sky lovers will enjoy organized hang­gliding and paragliding with landings on the beach.



Lying on an enchanting bay, Spotorno is a welcoming beach resort with plenty of shops, bars, restaurants and beach clubs. Among its most famous guests who stayed there we remember the english writer D.H. Laurence and the poet Camillo Sbarbaro.
Spotorno offers sport fans many activities like trekking along the many panoramic excursion trails, paragliding and immersions to its fabulous sea floors.





A typically medieval village, bristling with towers (72 in the Middle Ages, of which 8 still surviving), surrounded by walls and ramparts it's dominated by Monte Orsino Castle. The old hamlet has probably byzantine origins, the name itself derives from the greek word "Neaopolis" (post built for the defence of the coastline).
The visitor can discover the many historic buildings by walking through the many alleyways ("carruggi") of the old town centre. Not to be missed is San Parogorio church.




Varigotti is a delightful hamlet which is part of the smal town of Finale Ligure. It's a favourite tourist destination for its sandy beaches, cristal clear waters, uncontaminated nature and the romantic colours of the old hamlet overlooking the sea. The old Saracen houses, painted in pastel colours, a typical feature of this village, have always captivated photographers and painters.




Numerous rock carvings and artefacts have been found in the many caves of european importance situaded in the Finale area. The Stone of Finale, already known in Roman times, is a particular limestone formation, rich in fossils, white, ivory or pinkish. It extends inland resulting in highlands, on the edges of which rise the walls known worldwide as the Finale Climbing Walls.




An old hamlet a few steps from the sea, with a nucleus that preserved a gathered centre of medieval origin. Ascending to the small hamlet of Verezzi, at the back of Borgio, you can admire a splendid panoramic view.
To the east of the town, is Valdemino Cave, rich with stalactite and stalagmite concretions due to chemical and mechanical erosion caused by rain water. In the summertime, in the church square, an impressive outdoor stage is set up: the "Teatro Gassman", hosting important national previews.